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B-Open in Bergen, end of April, showing the video ‘Essay on Colour’ at Festplassen.
Working on a project for Stavanger Art Museum for 2017.
Working towards the exhibition, Ultimo Scenario, at Haukeland former children hospital.
Exhibiting at Bergen Assembly 2016 with Mao Mollona, September-October 2016
Exhibiting at KODE, Bergen Art Museum, opening 13th of May 2016 (to end August 2016)
Exhibiting at Østlandsutstillingen 2016
Exhibiting at B-Open in Bergen, April 2016.
Exhibiting at Krognoshuset in Lund, Sweden, March-April 2016
Kunstnerforbundets juniutstilling, Oslo, June 2015
Sørlandsutstillingen, Bomuldsfabrikken, Arendal, September 2015
LOKALT 2015, Bergen September- October 2015
Exhibiting Warp and Weft in Vilnius, Lithuania, January-February 2015
Still from the film ‘Doing Time’ (2015):
Images from my artworks at ‘Alt lys på Solund’, light art festival in November 2013:
illu solund
Image from Specular Reflection, painting a little island in Kagerø with reflective paint, summer 2013. The scale of the Island is approx 60m2. The work is made for the exhibition, ‘In The Shadow of Munch’.
Spekulær refleksjon13